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How to Earn Money by Writing Articles? [Top 10 Sites]

Every single website on the internet is producing quality content every day. Some of them distribute self-written content, and some distribute the content written by others.  The websites that distribute the content written by others get it from the writers directly or get it through the writer's earning program. You can earn money by writing articles for those sites.

earn money by writing articles

I have created a list of top 10 sites that pay you money for writing. Before starting with the list, you have to answer these two questions.
Do you have expertise in any field? 
Everyone has some strong points. You have to discover your field of expertise.
Are you good at writing?
If yes, then you can start it now. If not, then you can learn it by practicing writing or by joining an online course.

Top 10 Sites that Pay you for Writing Articles

1. Hubpages

HubPages is a website that pays you for writing high-quality original content. HubPages is a multi-site structure that has various vertical sites. 
On HubPage, one can earn money by monetizing his/her content with Google AdSense or Amazon affiliate links.
The process for writing for HubPages is very simple. You can signup for HubPages by directly entering your details.

2. Paidforarticles

Paidforarticles allows you to write an article in the form of a question (how to, what is), and top list (top 10, top 20, top 5, etc.). You can check the full author guide for writing for Paidforarticles.
There is earning slab for different countries. You will get paid for qualified views approximately $6 per thousand views. 
The joining process of PFA is simple as of Hubpages by validating your essential information on the register page.

3. Listverse

They accept list articles from the readers. The minimum items required per list are ten. You can send your list directly to them and get published if your list qualifies their requirements. 
As an author on Listverse, you can earn enough money by sharing your unique lists.

4. CopyHackers

Copyhackers pay $325USD for every accepted completed post. They have a predefined process for writers. If you are good at copywriting, then this website is a goldmine for your writing skills.

5. Photoshop Tutorials

This website is exclusively for those who are good at photoshop editing. You can send them roundups, articles, and tutorials.
You can earn from $150 to $300 for every tutorial and $25 to $50 for every article they approve.

6. Income Diary

They publish lots of posts on How to articles. They have a predefined blueprint for writers. You can subscribe to their paid writing jobs by visiting their write for us page. 
They pay up to $200 for worthy articles of the highest standard.

7. WhatCulture

WhatCulture accepts list articles about film, tv, gaming, sport & more. They pay from $25 to $500 per list. 
Some of their articles can be seen on sky news, or in a national newspaper. In the beta version, some of the contributors have earned 700 Euro for a single article. Their earning system is based on views.

8. Technopedia

Techopedia accepts articles based on AI, Machine learning, Blockchain, and programming languages, etc. You can directly submit your contribution to their contact form. They reward compensation to writers based on their internal policies. 
If you are tech-savvy, then this website is for you.

9. Wow (Women on Writing)

It's a contest based writing website. They host a contest on distinct themes. This website is especially accept writing from females around the world.
If you are a student, a housewife, or a working woman, you can write and publish your content on their wow website.

10. Link-able

Link-able is a freelancing author website that pays up to $1000 per job done. You must have good writing skills and good knowledge of SEO (Search engine optimization) to apply as a writer on Link-able.
To join Link-able, you have to apply with work samples. They will preview your application and interview you. After you qualified their requirements, you can start working with them.

Final Thoughts

To write for the mentioned websites, you have to be good at writing. I suggest you learn writing first and try writing for self-blog. I did the same. I started writing for my blog first.

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