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Top 10 Passive Income Online Business Ideas

Passive income is often misunderstood as the money while you sleep. But the passive income ways require a lot of work and investment in the beginning. Hence the word passive gets wipe out from passive income. But don't worry, the passive income ideas I provide will require very little running time and cost.
passive income business ideas

In this article, I have created a list of top 10 passive income ways that you can scale up to start a profitable business. Anyone can start those passive income businesses right from their home and online.

1. Sell an ebook online

An online ebook selling business is the very first and simple business you can start in no-time. If you are good at something, you can create an ebook on that topic and list those online for sale.
The process of creating and selling ebooks is quite simple. 
You can upload your ebooks to the amazon kindle program to earn money from a well-established audience of amazon kindle. 

2. Selling stock photos

Whenever you visit a website, blog, social media, read online magazines, you will see great photos over there. All these photos either self captured or bought from any stock photography website. 
You can also turn your photography skills into a passive income way by selling your photos on stock photography websites like iStock, Shutterstock, etc.
You can further scale up this stock photography into a business.

3. Network marketing

With network marketing, you can generate income to pay off your bills. The revenue you make depends on the ability of you & your network to sell products and hiring new network employees.
The tiered nature of network marketing helps you in making healthy profits. Ask questions and be realistic with the income calculations while joining or starting a network marketing company.

4. Design t-shirts

You can monetize your audience network (on social media or elsewhere).  You can promote t-shirts to your regular audience.
Some websites, like CafePress & Teesprings, allow you to create custom design stores. Create designs, promote those designs, and get sales of those. Most importantly, you don't have to take care of the inventory.
Amazon also provides such a business opportunity with the amazon merch program.

5. Dividend-paying stocks and other investments

Buy stocks for a low price and selling at a higher price is not the only way to make money with the stock market. You can also earn enough with long-term investments. 
If you have some startup cash and don't want to work full-time, then you should invest in dividend-paying stocks.
It takes time to build a consistent earning portfolio with stock investing.

6. Create a digital product

Not only online courses, but there are also several other digital products you can create and sell online (eBooks, How to guides, Articles, Photos, Designs, etc.).
I prefer selling my products rather than affiliate because you have control over every single aspect of the product (like sales, design, inventory, promotion media, etc.).

7. Sell leads

Creating a well-established business to get clients and work for them is hard. To run a business smoothly manpower, and more working hours are required.
Instead of working for clients, you can sell those clients leads to other businesses for percentage or a fixed commission per lead.

8. Display Ads

Do you have a digital property like a website or blog? You can use that as a medium to make money. Let me clear how? You can provide a space for advertisers to display their offerings on your website. You can charge an amount based on the traffic.
To earn from display ads, you can partner with some platforms like Google Adsense, propeller ads, etc. Or you can start your advertising system for your blog.

9. CPC Ads (Cost Per Click)

CPC ads are something different from affiliate marketing and display advertising. With affiliate marketing, you get paid when someone purchases through your affiliate link, and with display advertising, you get paid for impressions on the advertisement. But with CPC ads, you will get paid when someone clicks on the advertising link independent of the purchase.

10. Licensing music

Like stock photos, You can earn a royalty on your copyright music. Music is often licensed for YouTube videos, commercial advertisements, tv shows, and more. As the need for YouTube, podcasts, and commercials is growing, the music market is also expanding.
Licensing music is the best and recommended way of earning passive income.


After reading this article, you have a clear view of the top 10 passive income ways of earning money. You can choose one idea that best suits your needs and scale up that idea to convert it into a business. 

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