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 Top 10 Zero Inventory Online Business Ideas

zero inventory online business ideas

An entrepreneur with an online business has the freedom to make money from anywhere in the world. Starting an online business is become more easygoing and hustle free than ever. Before starting a profitable online business with zero inventory, you have to choose a business idea that is more compatible with your skillset.
Whether you start a full-time online business or part-time with passive income, your idea must provide solutions to customer's problems. 
I have created a list of top 10 zero inventory business ideas. You can start these directly from your coffee table with a zero starting cost.

1. Affiliate Marketing Partner

Affiliate marketing is simply a marketing method in which a business allow other business or influencer to market their products or services for a commission on sales.
If you already have a sufficient amount of audience or less audience on social media or anywhere you publish content, you can monetize that by sharing affiliate content. If you don't have an audience, then don't worry. You can surely build an audience organically, or you can use paid advertising for affiliates.
Types of affiliate programs
  1. Search affiliates
  2. Blogger/influencers
  3. Review sites
  4. Coupon sites
  5. Email marketing
Examples of some good Affiliate marketing partner programs are HubSpot, SEMRush, ConvertKit, and many more.

2. Online Course Creator

The market for online education is growing at a fast rate. It shows zero signs of slowing down its growth. 
Data study from Thinkific shows every person that has published an online course in the past years is getting new students.
Two aspects of online course business are course creation and building a business.
If you have knowledge of a specific topic and have decent communication skills, you should start your online course. 
If you don't have a high budget, then you may start your online course creation journey with course selling portals.

3. On-Demand T-shirt Printing

The on-demand t-shirt printing business does not require any inventory, and you can start it with a low budget. 
As this on-demand t-shirt printing business is becoming more famous among entrepreneurs, you might face competition. But you can find success by building your unique brand to a specific audience.
The on-demand t-shirt printing business has two phases 
  1. Getting orders 
  2. Printing the t-shirts 
  3. Shipping 
The process is simple you design t-shirts on third party websites store like Teespring. Promote those t-shirts on social media or the web. If anyone purchases from your designs, the third party website will take care of that. And you will make a profit on every sale from your store.

4. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are those who are in charge of representing a business or influencer on social media platforms.
As a social media manager, you have to take care of posts, engagements, leads, & other things of a business on social media. 
To start a profitable social media management business, you must have some copywriting, design, and management skills.

5. Video & Photo Editing Service Provider

Video & photo editing are high paying services. Services under such business require practical skills of photo editing in photoshop and video editing in premiere pro or other software.
You can set your pricing for these services. Service included under video & photo editing business,
  1. Photo retouching
  2. Video editing
  3. Video animation creation
  4. Social poster creation
  5. Event poster design
  6. YouTube video editing & many more.

6. Drop Shipping Business Owner

You do not need a store. You do not ship the orders. The only thing you have to do as a dropshipping business owner is to create an online store with niche products, sell products, receive purchases, and send orders to suppliers.
Shopify is a big marketplace for dropshipping startups. 
With a low barrier to entry, dropshipping has become more popular in the last decades, which results in a highly competitive market.
  1. Simple steps to start a dropshipping business
  2. Choose a profitable product niche
  3. Find reliable dropship suppliers
  4. Getting a sales tax ID
  5. Choosing the right selling platform
  6. Implement a customer acquisition strategy

7. Paid Advertising Consultant

To be successful at paid advertising, an individual has to be analytical mind, branding expertise, and practice interpersonal skills.
A paid advertising consultant can be self-employed as an advisory firm or hired by a company.
The responsibilities of an advertising consultant
  1. Meeting with clients
  2. Performing market research
  3. Selecting a suitable type of advertising media
  4. Creating custom advertising campaigns as per needs
  5. Design work of audio-visual advertising tools
  6. Creating presentations with sample advertisement for clients
  7. Analysis

8. Event Planner and promoter

Many entrepreneurs start an event planning business right from their home. It is a good business idea that reduces overheads (office expenses). Numbers of small event planning businesses fail because they don't have a proper business execution plan.
Some simple steps to follow to start an event planning business
  1. Prepare a solid business plan
  2. Determine your marketing budget
  3. Define your mission and goals clearly
  4. Prepare an elevator pitch for clients on-boarding
  5. Do some market research
  6. Spend some time for taxation and business filing

9. Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is one who writes copies like books, journals, speeches, blog posts, email copy, web copy, and does not get credit for his writing. The writing credit goes to the person or company that hired that writer.
You can start ghostwriter work from your home on online freelancing websites like freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork. 
The main advantage of becoming a ghostwriter is that they are high paying writers and charges around $1000 to $75000 per book.

10. Content Translating

eCommerce alone brought many business opportunities, and content translating is one of those. Online business knows how much critical is to target every corner of the market. Every day they assist millions of consumers globally in various linguistics. To serve customers in the local language, they require local translators to get it done faultlessly.
You can start this content translating business from your home without investing any money.

Final thoughts

It is not easy to begin anything. But with a proper business plan, you can start it efficiently. As these all business ideas do not require any inventory, you can start them from your home or anywhere location in the world. So it depends on yourself, on your abilities, what business you can begin.

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