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Creator Guide to Instagram Reel Size Ratio 

Instagram introduced reels in June 2020 in competition with a video app like TikTok. Instagram reels is a short 15-sec video content, which you can use to target people on the explore feed.

Creator Guide to Instagram Reel Size Ratio

Sizing your reels can be tricky. You have to pay attention to the safe text area for the reels. If you don't keep that in mind, some informative content might get hidden in the thumbnail and Infeed view of the Instagram Reel. It further leads to lesser engagement rates or imperfect viewership.

I have been using Instagram Reels since June. I used and experimented with Reels for various brands and have some clear view of Instagram Reels. In this article, I will share some information regarding Instagram Reels Size Ratios, safe text placing area, and some important rules to follow.

Instagram Reels Size Ratios

There are four different reel formats which are visible on Instagram in various position (the thumbnail, Infeed, Full size, and Cover).

1. Thumbnail 1:1

Instagram Post Thumbnail Size

The thumbnail shows up in your profile grid. Instagram post or reel thumbnail ratio is 1:1 or 1080 * 1080px. Properly visible, readable, and themed thumbnails attracts users and entice them to take action (to follow you or click the post to view). Like YouTube video thumbnail, your Instagram Reel thumbnail must be clear so that users can have an idea about the video (Reel). You can't add a thumbnail to your reel. It is the cover image that is used as a thumbnail by Instagram.

2. Infeed 4:5

Instagram Reel Infeed Video Size

The infeed size is displayed in your feed when you're scrolling through Instagram. Instagram Infeed post or reel maximum ratio is 4:5 or 1080 * 1350px. When you publish an Instagram reel video, then you see an option to choose whether to show or hide the reel from the feed. I suggest you should always allow that option so that it reaches more users with the same interest.

3. Full size 9:16

Instagram Reel Full Size
Full size is visible when you explore the reels in the reel's view. The full-size reel ratio is 9:16 or 1080 * 1920px. It is the full-size Instagram reel visible to everyone. There are more opportunities you can capture by creating short videos.

4. Cover slide 9:16

Instagram Reel Cover Size
The cover slide is the same format as the Full-Size reel, but you have to pay attention to the crop zones. When you publish a video reel, Instagram prompts you an option to choose a cover image for it. It's like an IGTV thumbnail, should be authentic and enticing. The easiest way to create a custom reel video cover is by using professional Instagram Story templates for your brand.

Safe Zone for Placing Text

When I started with Instagram reels, I made the same mistake of hidden or cutting text in thumbnail and infeed view. But guess what? You don't have to repeat the same blunder. Here is the safe zone guide image for Instagram Reels.

Safe zone for placing text on Instagram Reels
When placing text, be mindful that all text is visible in the feed and thumbnail view. The safe zone for placing text is 1080 * 1350px and 1080 * 1080px. If you use this, I assure you that the engagement rates and viewership will keep on Increasing.

Rules to Follow

Here are a few rules about Instagram Reels Size Ratio:

  1. Make sure your text is always viewable both in feed and in full display.
  2. Always use a cover thumbnail in reels. It makes your grid stand out and will help with providing context to your Instagram Reel.
  3. Always use overlay text. Most people browse with the sound turned off.
  4. Choose a perfect colour theme for infographic videos. The right colour combination helps you stand out through the user feed.


The Instagram reel is another feature introduced by Facebook to bind the users to spend more time on Instagram. You can use this opportunity or feature to reach out to more potential customers. 

After reading this article, you have a clear idea about the Instagram Reel Size Ratio. I suggest you use a 9:16 ratio video and keep the text or main object inside the 3:4 or 1:1 ratio. You must use a custom cover for your reels so that the user can have a clear idea about the video content.

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