Beginner guide to youtube hashtags

A Beginner Guide to YouTube Hashtags [With Best Practices]

Using hashtags on YouTube can expose your videos to a newer audience. Hashtags might bring more traffic to your videos on YouTube. As the number of users on Social Media is increasing and the world is evolving to use social media, more people are becoming familiar with hashtags. You can also be experimenting using hashtags in your videos.

A Beginner Guide to YouTube Hashtags

YouTube only shows three hashtags at the top of your video and have a maximum limit of 15 hashtags per video. You can add hashtags in your Video Title and Video Description. But you might get confused about how to research hashtags? Is it worth using hashtags in your video?

But you not to worry about it. I have done a study about YouTube hashtags and evaluated everything that you need to know about using hashtags in your videos. In this article, I have answered every single question about using hashtags in YouTube Videos. So lets start with beginner guide to YouTube Hashtags.

Is it Worth Using Hashtags in Your Videos?

If you ask me personally about it, then I would say Yes. It is worth using Hashtags in your videos on YouTube. Primarily it does not count in ranking your videos but best for branding. People are getting familiar with using hashtags on YouTube, your videos with the right hashtags can reach more potential people.

How to Research Hashtags for YouTube Videos?

For social media like Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, you can search hashtags using some online tools. But in the case of YouTube, you can’t get the aid of any online-tool other than YouTube Search.

YouTube hashtags Research

For researching hashtags using YouTube Search, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the YouTube Search bar.
  2. Start typing the keyword with the hashtag in front of it.
  3. Choose the hashtags from the YouTube suggestions. If there is no suggestion for your search term, then don’t use that hashtag. Try searching for another keyword.

What is the Maximum Hashtags Limit on YouTube?

Social media platforms like Instagram has defined the hashtags limit to 30 for a single post. But YouTube has a lesser limit of 15 hashtags per video. If you include more than 15 hashtags in your video, then YouTube will disallow all your Hashtags.

I use 3 to 5 hashtags per video. I recommend you use five hashtags per video. Out of those, two hashtags would be related to your channel, and three hashtags would be related to your video.

Best Practices of Using Hashtags in YouTube Videos

Like other social media platforms, YouTube has its policies about using hashtags. And there are some possible best practices that you can opt-in with your YouTube hashtag strategy.

  1. Always research the hashtags within your niche.
  2. Always use videos & channel relevant hashtags.
  3. Don’t use more than 15 hashtags. If you include more than 15 hashtags in your video, then YouTube will disallow all of your hashtags.
  4. Use YouTube Search Auto suggest for researching hashtags.
  5. Use hashtags as one word like other social media ( Don’t add space or any particular character in between the words, Use them as a single word).
  6. Always include hashtags in your video description, not in the video title.

Pros of Using Hashtags on YouTube Videos

Hashtags are like the categorisation of posts on social media platforms or videos on YouTube. Including the right hashtags in your video can help you with the following things.

  • The hashtag helps in branding (You can create your brand hashtags with your channel name, promote that hashtag and use that in your every video).
  • The hashtag helps with getting more views (Hashtags present your videos in front of the potential viewers, those who are searching for that specific hashtag).

Cons of Using Hashtags on YouTube Videos

I am also a YouTuber and using hashtags in my videos. I only get to know about one con of using hashtags on YouTube videos described below.

  • If someone clicks the hashtag in your video, they can be taken-off from your YouTube channel or YouTube video.

It is not a big concern as it helps you in getting video views and helps with branding.


As I already told you that using hashtags in your videos does not help your videos with rankings. But you can be experimenting with hashtags to find that does they drive more traffic to your videos. It is confirmed that hashtags can help you with branding on YouTube. Also, hashtags expose your videos in front of prospective viewers.

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