Fix Dead Instagram Engagement Rate

How to Fix Dead Engagement Rate on Instagram?

Publishing content consistently, but not getting enough engagement?

Not getting enough likes, comments, saves, and shares?

It is the very first common problem for every beginner when starting with Instagram or has dropped Instagram for a time-span. I also face the same problem of having a low or dead engagement rate on Instagram posts.

Fix Dead Instagram Engagement Rate

Don’t worry! I can help you fix the Dead Engagement Rate on Instagram. I overcome that problem of lower engagement rate in a period of one week, and you also can overcome that by putting in some work to rescue engagement.

This post has the three most important techniques that I used to fix the dead engagement rate on Instagram. I compiled these techniques after experimenting on a few accounts.

#1 Use Reciprocity Power:

If you are posting content and having no one or fewer people to engage, then it might demotivate every individual or business.

Don’t worry! You can use the Reciprocity power technique, which is the 100% working technique for getting engagements on Instagram.

Here reciprocity power means by giving take type. If you engage with other’s content, then others will engage with your content.

Here are some key points of Reciprocity Power

  1. Spend time to engage with the home feed content. Doing this will improve your account’s organic reach.
  2. Reply to each comment and DM for creating trust between you and your audience.
  3. When you engage with them, they will engage with you. Like if you comment nicely or truly on someone’s post, then that person will visit your profile and engage with your content.
  4. My suggestion is to follow the leaders in your niche, turn on post notification for their post, and comment asap they publish a post.

#2 Start Focusing on Your Content:

Content is the primary need to be on Instagram, and quality content is to get more engagements. If you don’t have appropriate quality content to serve your audience, then they will not interact or engage with your content. Here are some key points you can follow while planing and creating your content

1. Experiment with content format

Instagram has several posting features like IGTV, Reels, Feed post, Carousel post, Live, shop, guides, and stories. I suggest you should experiment with the carousel and reels. These content formats are the best performing content types on Instagram.

Experiment with content formats and define what content type your audience is engaging with. And try to create audience-specific content.

2. Use videos (reels or Live) to get extra reach

Videos content is the best performing and growing content type. Instagram has IGTV, Reels, video posts, stories, and Live options to share your personal or infographic videos. You can read our Instagram story hack guide to winning at Instagram stories.

3. Recreate the best performing posts

If you are on a business or creator account, then you can check insights for finding out what types of posts and which posts perform well. You can recreate that content. If you are on a personal account, then switch to a creator account to get access to insights. And start measuring the success of your posts.

4. Learn from your competitors

Learning more about your competitors educates you on how to improvise at content? What kind of content is performing well?

#3 Importantly Be Genuine:

Be genuine while engaging with others. Don’t fake it. GaryVee also mentioned in his $18 strategy that always is genuine when engaging with other’s content. Not always try to post a positive comment. Say what you think about the post? It may not be in favour of the content creator.

You might have seen many comments like the cool post, nice post, and great content. Don’t try to be like them and attract them. In my opinion, those who comment like these are not your potential audience.


To rescue your dead engagements, you have to put extra and smart effort. You have to be sure that you are curating good quality content for your audience and you are interacting with your audience. Last but not least thing is that you have to be genuine with your audience.

You have to create a community of people in your niche who can support you, and you can help them also.

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