Free Illustration Resources

Awesome Free Illustration Resources For Every Designer

As a web designer, you might not have enough time to create your custom illustration to be used in your project. But that doesn’t mean that your project has a lack of visual touch. Now, you do not have to stop your design work due to Illustrations. Here are a few phenomenal Free Illustration Resources that every designer should use. You can download various illustration designs for free, according to your project needs. You can download free illustration varying from a marketing agency to a clinic or hospital.

Free Illustration Resources

4 Awesome Free Illustration Resources

Before using these free illustrations, you must have an understanding of some fundamentals.

Copyright Checkup

Most of the sites on our list are copyright-free, but you should double-check for the same. At most, you may provide credit to the original creator somewhere on your site.

Don’t Overthink

I mean to say, don’t overthink is that you must have a plan in your mind before selecting illustrations. If you’re not sure, then check popular design sites for some inspiration.

Tell a Story

It prefers to be best when you tell stories along with illustrations. The main goal of the project should be creating visuals as a form of communication.

If you are okay with fundamentals, then have a look at the different free illustration resources we have listed for you.

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1. Stories by Freepik

Stories by Freepik


Stories by Freepik enables a designer to customise free illustrations online and animate those to make your homepage stand out. It is the only website in this list that gives you multiple online editing options along with animation. 

Resource URL:

Creator or Owner: Freepkicompany.

Copyright Policy: Copyright-free illustrations.

License: Free for personal and commercial purposes with attribution.

Availability: SVG + PNG format files.

Online Modification: Colour, background, and layer editing available.

2. Undraw

Undraw free illustrations

Katerina Limpitsouni has been solely maintaining Undraw since 2017.

On Undraw, you get free access to SVG files, which you can further customise as per your project needs. Most importantly, you can also colour manage the illustrations with hex code directly from the website.

There are more than 500 free illustrations available on Undraw in any category imaginable.

Resource URL:

Creator or Owner:  Katerina Limpitsouni.

Copyright Policy: Copyright-free illustrations.

License: Free for personal and commercial projects. No attribution is required!

File Availability: SVG & Png files.

Online Modification: Colour.

3. Humaaans


Illustrations on Humaaans focuses on the human design aspect. It spotlights the human connection to design.

The artwork on Humaaans can be used as an icon and also for full-blown hero sections. 

The specific advantage of Humaaans is that you can mix-and-match tons of assets to create a perfect scene or artwork. Designers can customise various body parts, positions, colours, clothing, hairstyles, even a few background scenes.

Resource URL:

Creator or OwnerPablo Stanley.

Copyright Policy: Free for personal and commercial use.

License: CC0 Public DomainLicense (Attribution required).

Availability: Full Library.

Online Modification: No editing option.

4. Drawkit

DrawKit Free Illustration Resources



The main aim of DrawKit is to help designers and startups for quick completion of the projects.

This website allows you to download more than 50 free illustrations in two different styles. If you want more illustrations, then you have to subscribe to one of their premium packs.

DrawKit gives access to choose from various categories and downloadable SVG and a PNG file with full editable access.

Resource URL:

Creator or OwnerJames Daly

Copyright Policy: Great and 100% free for personal and commercial use.

License: MIT License.

Availability: SVG + Png files.

Online Modification: No editing option.

Quick Recap

1. Stories by freepik –

2. Undraw –

3. Humaaans –

4. Drawkit –


These all four free illustration resources are the best up to my knowledge. I used these for various projects and now referring to you. If you don’t want much hustle and want modernised illustrations, then i suggest you to use Undraw. 

All these four resources has their unique features and styles. You might have a clear idea about the project before using any of these resources.


This is not a sponsored post. I am not get paid by any of these free Illustration resources website. I wrote this post for educational and inspirational purpose only. For more details read our privacy policies.

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