Benefits of twitter advertisements

Top Benefits of Advertising on Twitter [Advertising Guide]

Is getting started with twitter advertisements is easy?

Yes! It is easy to create an advertising campaign on twitter. To start with twitter advertisement, you must know about the types of twitter ads and the benefits of twitter advertisement.

Benefits of twitter advertisements

Like other social media platforms, Twitter has its unique audience, which you can reach out with little investment in  Twitter ads. You can get tailored audience options with Twitter ads as well. Let us discuss these things in detail in this article.

Types of Advertising Campaigns

Twitter allows you to promote your content on twitter with different types of campaigns. These various campaigns permit you to get user attention by placing ads in multiple places. Based on the page placement, twitter ads are of the following types.

1. Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are similar to regular tweets. What’s make different is that the advertiser is paying to display content to the people who are not following that advertiser on twitter.

Promoted tweets content could be a video and will autoplay on the timeline of the user. If the video length is less then 60 seconds, then the video loops.

2. Promoted Trends

Twitter’s trending topics are a collection of the most popular topics and hashtags used in real-time.

A promoted trend is shown in the first spot under the “Trends for you” section both in explore and in the timeline.

Your brand’s promoted tweet can be seen at the top when users click on the promoted trend.

3. Promoted Accounts

Promoted tweets only permit you to promote a single tweet at once. But Promoted accounts ad grant you to promote your brands’ complete twitter account. Like promoted tweets, it targets the users who don’t already follow your brand.

These are visible in the potential followers’ timelines. As they are labeled as promoted, they also include a follow button.

4. Automated Ads

Are you new to Twitter advertising? or don’t have much time to spend on Twitter ads, try out Twitter Promoted Mode.

Twitter terms Promoted Mode as “always on advertising solution.” The first ten tweets of your account every day added to the promoted tweet campaign.

Benefits of Twitter Advertisement

Is Twitter the best social advertising platform?

Yes! It’s has benefits over other social media platforms. It is limited to some industries like politics, news, etc. But that mean that you don’t need other social media advertising platforms. You should consider using the platform which best suites your end goals. To start with twitter advertisement you must know about these benefits of twitter advertisements.

1. You Pay for Performance

On Twitter, you only pay when you have achieved your predefined marketing objectives.

For example, if you run an app install campaign, you only have to pay for the number of successful app installs.

If you run a follow your profile campaign, you only pay for the number of people who start following you or your business.

Compare this with LinkedIn, which doesn’t have any pay-for-performance advertising option.

2. Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is one of the best and precise way to target people with a specific intent on twitter.

Twitter permits you to target people who have used specific hashtags or words in the last seven days.

If you compare this with Facebook advertising, Facebook allows you to target people who are interested in a specific topic.

3. Tweet Engager Targeting

It is another remarkable way to reach an audience. With this type of advertising, you remarket the people who recently engaged with your content.

Rather than going to everybody, you can target people who saw your promoted tweet as well as who engaged with it.

Facebook doesn’t provide any such feature, but there is a great hidden invite button that lets you invite people to like your page.

4. Tailored Audience

Do you know you can target every user who follows specific accounts with your Twitter ads? You can create your tailored audience to target with your Twitter campaign.

Facebook also has custom audiences option but not like twitter’s tailored audience. With Facebook, you need to have an email address or phone number of people you want to reach.

5. Low Cost Per Click (twitter ads are less expensive)

With Twitter advertising, you can get clicks for pennies.

The price of the click depends on the auction. Advertisers find twitter cheap as the advertising competition is low on twitter.


Twitter is the best reliable social advertising platform, but that doesn’t mean that you do not have to use Facebook ads or AdWords. Twitter is only helpful for some industries like politics, news, technology, and entertainment.


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