why choose SEO

5 Reasons Why Choose SEO Instead of PPC [Infographic]

SEO is the method of gaining 100% organic traffic to your website and sustaining that growth by leveraging the organic traffic. So it worth your time & money, if you are thinking why to choose SEO instead of PPC?

SEO strategy would not show returns immediately like Paid Per Click (PPC) might, but SEO is far more scalable, sustainable, and can provide higher ROI than paid promotions in the long-term.

why choose SEO

Due to such reasons, SEO is more effective than paid media advertising, especially when your marketing budget is limited. Both SEO and PPC both work best according to the requirements.

5 Reasons Why Choose SEO

Both types of marketing strategies paid or organic depending on the nature of the platform you are using, what your marketing budget, how long you can hold to start getting leads, and what type of audience you are targeting, etc. Instead of these points, Search Engine Watch has listed some advantages of SEO overpaid marketing. These strategies are discussed below in the info-graphic created by LiveEdu.
  1. SEO is cost-effective
  2. SEO has longevity
  3. SEO is sustainable
  4. User prefer organic links
  5. SEO is scalable
5 Reasons Why Choose SEO

Infographic Content Source: Search Engine Land 5 Reason to choose SEO

Our Thoughts on Choosing SEO

As being an SEO consultant for many years, I suggest you go with SEO if you are ready to invest in a long-term marketing strategy with a high return on investment. If you are starting your small business and can’t wait for organic results, then you should go with Paid marketing.
Paid marketing provides you the leads (all are not qualified leads), but SEO generates you more than 90% qualified leads. That is the beauty and one of the best advantages of SEO.


SEO is preferred to be the best method of getting organic traffic to any website. After comparing SEO with PPC, I suggest you define the target audience and where your audience lives on the web. Target that platform with the way either SEO or paid as per the requirements for better ROI and results.

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